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Top Seven Things to do in Kannur: Tyndis Kannur Tourism

Tyndis Things to do in Kannur
28 Feb 2020
Top Seven Things to do in Kannur: Tyndis Kannur Tourism

Kannur Tourism showcases an opportunity to explore the undiscovered and untold stories about North Kerala by experiencing the culture & art forms like Theyyam, gazing at the historical monuments like Kannur Fort, magnificent temples and beautiful landscapes of beaches in Kannur, backwaters, etc. Get to know the best things to do in Kannur!

Kannur is one of the least explore tourist places in Kerala. Kannur Tourism packages allow you to relish the street food; simply relax on the beaches in Kannur watching the swaying palms on the shores of the Arabian Sea or shop for some spices and handloom. Going for a drive through the Kannur drive-in beach is one of the best things to do in Kannur.

An important maritime trading centre in the 12th century with an active business link with Persia and Arabia, Kannur has also served as the British military headquarters of western India until 1887. In the 17th century, Kannur was the capital city of the only Muslim Sultanate Arakkal in the Malabar region.

On one hand, deep imprints of the bygone colonial era can be seen in the form of St. Angelo Fort (Kannur Fort), churches, lighthouse, and on the other hand, the land is steeped in the distinctive local art forms like Theyyam and the Art of weaving.

Here is a list of top things to do in Kannur, which indeed form the essence of this place:

1.Arakkal Trail (Kannur Heritage Walk)

Take the Arakkal Trail along with Tyndis storyteller to hear the history behind the many colonial monuments that you see en route. It is one of the best heritage-related things to do in Kannur. Arakkal Trail begins at the Arakkal Museum and covers the bustling fish market at Ayikkara, the harbour of Mappila Bay, St. Angelo Kannur Fort built by the Portuguese in 1505, churches, weavers at Chirakkal, Indian Coffee House and the mesmerizing Payyambalam beach – one of the famous beaches in Kannur.