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Tyndis Things to do in Kannur

Kannur Tourism showcases an opportunity to explore the undiscovered and untold stories about North Kerala by experiencing the culture & art forms like Theyyam, gazing at the historical monuments like Kannur Fort, magnificent temples and beautiful landscapes of beaches in Kannur, backwaters, etc. Get to know the best things to do in Kannur!

Kannur is one of the least explore tourist places in Kerala. Kannur Tourism packages allow you to relish the street food; simply relax on the beaches in Kannur watching the swaying palms on the shores of the Arabian Sea or shop for some spices and handloom. Going for a drive through the Kannur drive-in beach is one of the best things to do in Kannur.

An important maritime trading centre in the 12th century with an active business link with Persia and Arabia, Kannur has also served as the British military headquarters of western India until 1887. In the 17th century, Kannur was the capital city of the only Muslim Sultanate Arakkal in the Malabar region.

On one hand, deep imprints of the bygone colonial era can be seen in the form of St. Angelo Fort (Kannur Fort), churches, lighthouse, and on the other hand, the land is steeped in the distinctive local art forms like Theyyam and the Art of weaving.

Here is a list of top things to do in Kannur, which indeed form the essence of this place:

1.Arakkal Trail (Kannur Heritage Walk)

Take the Arakkal Trail along with Tyndis storyteller to hear the history behind the many colonial monuments that you see en route. It is one of the best heritage-related things to do in Kannur. Arakkal Trail begins at the Arakkal Museum and covers the bustling fish market at Ayikkara, the harbour of Mappila Bay, St. Angelo Kannur Fort built by the Portuguese in 1505, churches, weavers at Chirakkal, Indian Coffee House and the mesmerizing Payyambalam beach – one of the famous beaches in Kannur.

Scenes from the Tyndis Kannur Arakkal Trail
Scenes from the Tyndis Kannur Arakkal Trail

2. Handloom Tour at Chirakkal Weaver’s Society

It is said that the weaving tradition started in Kannur between 16th and 17th century when the Kolathiri Raja, the ruler of Chirakkal in Kannur, brought some weaver families from Cheranadu in Tamil Nadu to weave fabrics (towel and dhoti) for the temples and the royal people. Later in 1844, frame looms brought from Germany were introduced by Basel Mission.

Traditional weaving worker at the Chirakkal Weavers
Traditional weaving worker at the Chirakkal Weavers

At the time of independence when social reform movements were going on, hundreds of handloom weavers were organized, bringing them in the fold of co-operative societies. Trained weavers were integrated into an organized industrial segment through the co-operative movement.

Chirakkal Weaver’s co-operative Society is one such cooperative that was set up in 1947 with the intention to promote handloom industry and to give the job to the weaver community. Today, it has grown to be one of the largest handloom fabric manufacturers in South India under the co-operative sector that follows eco-friendly parameters. It is part of the Responsible Tourism initiatives of Kannur Tourism.

After decades, in the 1960s, 70s and 80s the weavers introduced Kannur crape, which was one of the hottest selling fabric in the UK and in the US. Even today, the products from this society are exported to Hong Kong, UK and UAE. 

Expert storytellers will accompany the tourists along this Tyndis Malabar Handloom Tour to explain about the process of weaving, the bonding between handloom and culture of North Kerala and expert weavers will be more than excited to share their knowledge to our guests. Tourists can also purchase handloom products as a souvenir for their Kannur Tourism experience. Don’t forget to add this Kannur Tour to your list of must things to do in Kannur.

3. Thalassery Herman Trail

Our storyteller joins you for a short walk showing you around the markets, historical monuments like Thalassery Fort, Overbury’s Folly and Thalassery Sea Bridge View Point, thereby takes you back in history with his stories and share lesser-known facts about the heritage of Thalassery, a beautiful idyllic town in Kannur.

Some of the best beaches in Kannur, like the Kannur drive-in beach of Muzhappilangadu, is close to Thalassery. Thalassery offers some of the top things to do in Kannur.

Tyndis Thalassery Heritage Walk
Tyndis Thalassery Heritage Walk

In the colonial era, Thalassery once hosted the British Navy’s major naval barracks along the Arabian coast and was the centre of learning in north Kerala. This place was well known for gifting the country its first cake, it was here the first cricket was played in India and interesting acts of the circus was first performed in our nation. Tyndis Thalassery Tour explores the heritage and less told stories of the place. If you are interested in Colonial history, then this Kannur Tourism experience should be among the top of your things to do in Kannur.

4. French Colonial Heritage Walk in Mahe

Mahe was part of the French colonial rule for nearly 232 years. While the rest of India attained Independence Day on Aug 15th, Mahe and other French Colonies of India attained freedom only by the 16th July 1954, as that’s when the French finally moved out of this tiny town. Today Mahe is a district in Puducherry, which is a Union Territory.

Tyndis French Colonial Tour in Mahe
Tyndis French Colonial Tour in Mahe

As an experiential travel and tour operator, Tyndis storyteller will take you around Mahe to show you the monuments that are witness to past glory, Mayazhi River which the English referred to as the English Channel and the French colony where a handful of French citizens still cast their vote during the French election. Though not part of Kerala, Mahe is often regarded as part of Kannur Tourism by visitors. Hence, experiences in Mahe can be seen as some of the best things to do in Kannur – or to speak technically, things to do while you visit Kannur!

5. Thalassery Biriyani Making

As a result of its long history as a maritime trading post, Thalassery and the places around in North Kerala like CalicutKannurMaheKasaragod and Wayanad have a great influence of Arabic, Persian, and European cooking in their Malabar Cuisine. Malabar Cuisine is one of the celebrated entities of Kerala Cuisine.

Thalassery Biryani Culinary Tour by Tyndis
Thalassery Biryani Culinary Tour by Tyndis

Tyndis Thalassery Biryani Experience is one of our most sought after Culinary Tours. In our tour, we take our guests to a traditional Muslim house in Thalassery where they have been churning out biryani every day in their kitchen since last 150 years in the traditional method. This Kerala food tour is one of the best things to do in Kannur for a food lover.

6. Theyyam Tour in Kannur

If you happen to be in the Malabar region in the months of October to May, which is the Theyyam Season, then don’t miss watching a Theyyam performance. Theyyam is a 1500-year-old heritage dance form popular among the tribal community living in this region.

It is believed that the God or Goddess belonging to a temple temporally manifest in the body of a Theyyam performer thereby elevating him to a divine status. There are different types of Theyyam and the performance in each temple is different from the other.

Magical Scenes from the Theyyam Ritualistic Dance
Magical Scenes from the Theyyam Ritualistic Dance

For professional photographers, Tyndis organizes special Theyyam Photography Tour. We recommend you to experience both the day-time and night Theyyam performances. The day-time rituals are calmer & ritually loaded whereas you will be mesmerized with the hypnotic night Theyyam performance in red attire, full of energy paired with burning fire and music of drums.  Theyyam Tour is one of the top things to do in Kannur.

7. Dharmadam Ocean Kayaking

Kerala is known for its backwater cruise, but have you tried kayaking in an ocean? If you are adventurous by nature, you should definitely experience Dharmadam Ocean Kayaking in Kannur. Dharmadam is one of the best beaches in Kannur. Kannur Tourism promotes adventure waters sports here.

Pro-instructors at Tyndis will teach the basics on how to head the waves and glide over the ocean on a kayak. Our trip goes on a fixed route, so get your muscles moving and feel the adrenaline boost. Row on braving the waves to reach Dharmadam Island, a secluded and tranquil picnic spot covered with a canopy of coconut palms and dense bushes. It is one of the thrilling things to do in Kannur.

Tyndis Dharmadam Ocean Kayaking Experience
Tyndis Dharmadam Ocean Kayaking Experience

If all this sounds like a perfect weekend getaway, Get in Touch with Tyndis for awe-inspiring elements of Kannur Tourism. Experience the best things to do in Kannur! And if you are on a longer holiday, Explore Nearby Places in Malabar with Tyndis as your Kerala tour partner.

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