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Best Kerala Tour Experience

This travel blog features a list of best tours in Kerala.

Best Tours in Kerala – Heritage Tours in Kerala by Tyndis

If you want to experience the engaging heritage tours in Kerala, then travel along the historic spice trade route. Traders from various west-Asian and European countries had once sailed all the way to take back precious frankincense and rare spices from this land on the western coast. Tyndis offers the best heritage tours in Kerala.

We have handpicked few districts in Kerala that has most cultural stories to tell and created heritage tours in Kerala to show all the points of interest in a district, the colonial influence and the impact it has created in the local culture. We will showcase the iconic monuments and the major heritage points of each town. Heritage tours in Kerala by Tyndis include Kerala walking tour, storytelling tours in Kerala and more. Explore these best tours in Kerala on your Kerala trip.

1. Zamorin’s Tales by Tyndis – Kerala Walking Tour in Calicut

Kozhikode also called Calicut was one of the important trading ports in the south-western coast of India. History reveals traders from China, Portugal, Arabia, Dutch, and Jews have left their marks in this place.

This Kerala Walking Tour is one of the best heritage tours in Kerala. Our energetic storyteller will take you through the stories of Zamorin – the ruler of this region during the 15th Century when Vasco da Gama landed here and spread the word back home about the beauty and the commercial aspect of this port town.

Best Kerala Tour Experience

Check out the variety of snacks, biriyani and seafood here, see how the colourful Calicut halwa is made, go to Valiyangadi market – one of the oldest and largest commercial streets in Kozhikode, and visit ancient Matri Dei Cathedral, Juma Masjid, and the majestic 4 storied Mishkal Mosque built in 14th century by an Arab trader and ship owner Nakhooda Mishkal. Finally, end the trip by relaxing on the Kappad beach.  

2. Tyndis Old Kottayam Heritage Walk

This is one of the best storytelling tours in Kerala, where you touch the soul of Old Kottayam by traversing through twenty-four holy places having historical significance. The walkthrough along the Meenachil River and the stories told by our storyteller about the significance of famous monuments and beliefs behind each one of them is what makes this Kerala Walking Tour class apart.

This is one the best tours in Kerala that highlights the communal harmony, cultural richness and colonial influence on the architecture of the buildings of Old Kottayam even in olden days.

Best Kerala Tour Experience

In the 16th century, large scale migration of Christians happened from one region to another within the state. The new population built churches such as Kottayam Cheriapally, Valiyapalli, St. Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Church, St Mary’s Knanaya Church to name a few. Most of these are at least 500 years old but well-preserved.

These churches exhibit a blend of Kerala and Portuguese style architecture with interesting murals. St. Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Church has galleries, pillars, and mural paintings with Biblical and non-Biblical themes reflecting European architecture.

The sculptures of St. Mary and the figures of angels carved in wood and made in stone are beautiful to behold. In contrast, the walls adorn hundreds of oil lamps as in Hindu temples.

St Mary’s Knanaya Church built in the year 1550 AD by the migrants from Jerusalem is famous for its two granite crosses, which has an inscription in the Pahlavi language, the official language of the Sassanian dynasty in Persia. Some of the halts we take in this Kerala Walking Tour are the CMS press, English medium schools and the Orthodox Theological Seminary of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, all established by the British rulers.

1000-year-old ancient Thaliyil Mahadeva temple with remnants of a fort surrounding it and the Juma Masjid, an old mosque having temple-style architecture with Persian influence and much more will be covered in this Kerala Walking Tour. The abundance of heritage and history of Old Kottayam makes it one of the best heritage tours in Kerala.

3. Fort Kochi Tuk Tuk trail by Tyndis

Fort Kochi – a melting pot of cultures, has a lot of places of heritage interest. But most of them are tucked in the narrow alleys, which is best explored in a tuk-tuk (popularly known as auto rickshaws). To deep dive into the heritage of this town, one needs to take Fort Kochi Tuk Tuk Tour – one of the best tours in Kerala with Tyndis.

Best Kerala Tour Experience

In this 4-hour trip, our local tuk-tuk driver cum storyteller shares fascinating stories about each spot in Fort Kochi. This is one of the best storytelling tours in Kerala that takes the guests to a museum that unfolds the history of this town, heritage sites and iconic monuments such as the Jewish Synagogue, Dutch Palace, Cemetery and old churches which is on the tourist map. Colonial buildings during British, Portuguese and French rule lend an old-world charm to this place. It is one of the best tours in Kerala to explore Fort Kochi.

You can get down and take a walk in the bustling streets of Fort Cochin and Mattanchery to see the sights in a market place, smell the spices, and explore the local eateries. Spend time watching the fishermen fish using the Chinese net, buy the fresh catch, give it to the local shops to prepare and have a delicious meal. Stroll around Fort Kochi Beach and shop for some souvenirs to take back home.

4. The Arakkal Trail by Tyndis

The city of Kannur holds the memoirs of culture, heritage, struggles and nationalist movements to this date! Kannur, earlier known as Cannanore is the land of Theyyam dance and handlooms. Arakkal Trail is one of the best heritage tours in Kerala.

Best Kerala Tour Experience

The tour begins from the Arakkal Museum, the palace of Arakkal Dynasty – the only Muslim royal family in Kerala, the Mappila bay, the bustling fish markets and the harbour of Kannur, which was a major centre of the spice trade in the ancient maritime world.

Watch the sea from the marvellous St. Angelo Kannur Fort that bears witness to a million stories of Kannur. Listen to the story behind the Indian coffee house, and at the end of this storytelling tour in Kerala, visit the picturesque Payyambalam Beach which has a lighthouse. It is one of the best tours in Kerala in Kannur.

Nileshwar, which was once the cultural centre of Kasaragod district, is an hour’s drive from Kannur. 600 years back the raja of Calicut had moved their base to this place. Their palace showcases the fine woodwork of the times and represents traditional Kerala architecture. Today the palace functions as the folklore centre of the department of archaeology.  In the premises, there is a temple (kavu) and a pond. Nileshwar Heritage Tour is one of the best tours in Kerala for heritage lovers.

5. Thalassery-Mahe Kerala Walking Tour

In this 2 km Kerala walking tour, you will embark on a journey with a local storyteller who will bring back the colonial memories of British Thalassery and French Colonial Mahe. Witness the architecture style of the monuments reminiscent of the Portuguese and British Colonial times. It is one of the best tours in Kerala to experience the Colonial Heritage of Kerala.

Best Kerala Tour Experience

Learn about the deep-rooted influence of the French culture in Mahe. Even today there are about 50 French families who patriotically celebrate French National Day and have voting rights in their country. By the end of this trip, you will have an amazing experience of cultural immersion. Experience the beauty of the forts, harbour, walkways, fish markets, historical monuments like St. Theresa’s Roman Catholic Latin Shrine and the all-knowing Arabian Sea.

Tyndis storyteller carefully places the untold stories of the Thalassery fort, Odathil Palli – a mosque built-in 1806 in Kerala style, St John’s Anglican Church, Thiruvangad Ramaswami temple, the sea bridge and Overburry’s Folly – a seaside park with a watchtower in this Kerala Walking Tour.

Just 20 minutes from Mahe is Thalassery, a place famous for the three C’s – Cricket, Cake and Circus. Origin of cricket in India is traced back here in Thalassery during the British rule. Keeleri Kunhikannan, the father of Indian circus, a gymnast and a martial art trainer hails from this place.

Did you know the country’s first Christmas cake was baked here in Thalassery? Mambally Bapu, a well-travelled trader set his first bakery here way back in 1884. Till date, expatriates from USA and UAE place huge orders of Christmas cakes from bakeries set up by branches of the Mambally family in Thalasserry. So on your visit remember to get yourself a slice of history. Take Tyndis Thalassery Heritage Walk, which is the best tours in Kerala to explore Thalassery.

By the end of all these best tours in Kerala, our guests will have an impression of the rich culture of Kerala. Get in Touch with us now for a and book these heritage tours in Kerala that will surely leave a mark in your memory to retell them to your family and friends.

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