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By Sujith Narayanan
Jan 22, 2020
Kavvayi Kayaking Tour: Kannur Tourism
Kavvayi Kayaking in Kannur

Kannur Tourism is up with happy news for the Kayaking enthusiasts all over Kerala! Now, travel to the Kavvayi backwaters and experience Kavvayi Kayaking Tour – the best Kayaking experience in Kerala! Adventure and beauty blend together here at the Kavvayi backwaters.

Kavvayi backwaters near the town of Payyanur is a beautiful collection of small islands – some of them being coconut groves! Kavvayi backwaters is a treasure trove on its own and happen to be the provider Kavvayi Island – one of the largest islands in North Kerala. The islands are perched along the pristine Kavvayi backwaters.

A view of the distant Kavvayi island from the Kayak
A view of the distant Kavvayi island from the Kayak

Kavvayi Tours: Kavvayi Kayaking Tour by Kannur Tourism

Kavvayi Tours are exciting. Tour to this beautiful backwater destination counts as one of the best holidays in Kerala to the calmness and tranquillity of North Kerala. Kavvayi backwaters is a favourite spot for tourists travelling in search of a retreat to the lap of nature. Lush green groves of coconut and emerald green backwaters make your tour to Kavvayi backwaters a perfect retreat.

Aerial view of the Kavvayi Island
Aerial view of the Kavvayi Island

Located about 4 km from Payyanur, the backwaters are serene and much less commercialised with regards to the other popular backwaters in the state of Kerala. The place is just about 2 hours’ drive from the Kannur International Airport.

The Kavvayi backwaters start from Kotti in Payyanur and extent till Trikkaripur. The backwaters are created by a confluence of the Kavvayi River and its four tributary streams from Vannathichal, Kankol, Kuniyan, and Kuppithodu. This elegant stream of Kavvayi backwaters is a must-visit destination in your Kannur Tourism map!

A traveller can explore the cross-section of the village, cruising through the channel between on a Kayak. Alternatively, Kavvayi backwaters can also be reached through houseboat cruise starting from the Kottapuram Houseboat Deck in Nileshwar cruising along the Valiyaparamba Backwaters.
Kavvayi’s scenic beauty can be best experienced in the early morning and late evenings. Sunrise and Sunset are two mesmerizing experiences here.

During one of the beautiful sunsets in Kavvayi
During one of the beautiful sunsets in Kavvayi

Though it demands a certain level of endurance, the Kayaking is the best way to explore the real-life beauty of Kavvayi Backwaters. Kavvayi Kayaking Tour and Short Kavvayi Tours are conducted by various groups under the guidance of Kayak experts at Kavvayi. The Kannur Tourism Promotion Council, as well as the district administration, have taken a special interest in promoting the Kavvayi Kayaking Tour under Kannur Tourism packages.

Kavvayi Kayaking Tour is a water activity that anyone can do with little efforts with regard to the technicalities. Though technically simple, Kayaking demands the tourists to be physically strong. Anybody with little experience in rowing can take part in Kavvayi Kayaking Tour.

Kavvayi Kayaking Expedition
Kavvayi Kayaking Expedition

The Kavvayi Kayaking Tour provides for some of the best avenues to glide over tranquil waters. Enjoy rowing as you learn to navigate through the waterways. With Tyndis Kavvayi Tours, you’ll not just come closer with nature, but have a good workout as well.

So, technically, what is Kayaking?

Kayaking is a water activity that is carried on a Kayak to row ahead through the water. Kayaking is often mistaken with Canoeing. The difference can be identified with the position in which the paddler sits and the number of blades on the paddle used for Kayaking.

The Kayak boat is a low base vessel that seems to be quite submerged in the water. On the other hand, the Canoeing boats have the paddler sitting forward-faced with their legs in front. The Canoes make use of a two-bladed paddle which is rotated periodically along with the front-to-back pulls on either side. The Kayaks mostly have their decks closed.

Kayaker moving towards the wider parts of the backwaters
Kayaker moving towards the wider parts of the backwaters

How to reach Kavvayi Kayaking centre?

Kavvayi Kayaking centre is near Kavvayi backwaters, about 6 km drive from Payyanur town towards the direction of Payyanur Railway Station. An autorickshaw or taxi from Payyanur town will take you to the place.

Arrive at Kavvayi Island for Kavvayi Kayaking Tour curated by TreeMonks of around 2 hours. A less explored destination of Kannur Tourism, Kavvayi backwaters extensively attracts outdoor sports enthusiasts arriving for Kannur Tourism Packages. Kavvayi Kayaking Tour begins by 6:00 a.m. in the morning and in the evening by 4:45 p.m.

The newbies shall begin their session under skilled professionals. Learn the basics of Kayaking, implement rowing techniques as they soak in every inch of the wonder of nature.

Book Kavvayi Kayaking Tour

The Kavvayi Kayaking Tour would be of about 2 hours, covering about 5 k.m. in the circuit. Enroute the trip, guests can take time to enjoy the Mangrove Trails, the backwaters with swaying coconut trees and islands spread on the way where the villagers spend their lives doing fishing and other local chores.

Sunset Kayaking Experience at Kavvayi
Sunset Kayaking Experience at Kavvayi

Regular Kavvayi Tours and Kavvayi Kayaking Tours are organized in the backwaters of Kavvayi. Kannur Tourism also features Kayaking Tours in Anjarakandy River and Ocean Kayaking in Dharmadam. Get in Touch with us for Kannur Tourism Kayaking Experience.

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