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Things to do in North Kerala

Explore the best things to do in North Kerala with this travel blog from Tyndis. The mesmerizing nature of Kerala with its swaying palms and the serenity of the backwaters will always appeal to travellers. But this little state has a lot more to offer. If exploring culture tickles your fancy, then North Kerala is a place you must certainly visit.  Here is a list of the top seven things to do in North Kerala that you can engage in on your next visit to Malabar.

1.Bekal Beach Camp, Kasaragod Tour – the crown of the state

Did you know seven languages are spoken in this northernmost district of Kerala? Known as the land of ‘Sapthabhasha Sangamabhoomi’, this eclectic land is a potpourri of many languages, dialects, and culture. If politics interests you, then you should know that Kasaragod has played a prominent role during India’s freedom movement.

Things to do in North Kerala

Every visitor who visits this part of North Kerala is sure to go to Bekal Fort. Built-in the 17th century, the huge bastion of this fort personifies reminiscences of a glorious past. From the top of this well-maintained fort, one can soak in picturesque views of the fishermen boats sailing to the sea for a catch, sights of nearby villages and of course the swaying palm groves just adds to the beauty of sunset view.   Kasaragod Tour is incomplete without a visit to Bekal Fort. In fact, it is one of the top things to do in Malabar.

If the idea of camping on the beach interests you then Tyndis Tours can arrange a stay at the Bekal Beach Camp – on the Pallikkare Beach. Our storyteller can take you to yesteryears when traders came to this harbour to barter gold for the valuable spices we grew here. This beach and harbour stand testimony to several mighty kings entering its shores to fight and capture this land.

2. Kannur Heritage Tour to Payyanur and Kunhimangalam

Though not a busy tourist destination, well-known travellers from times of yore like Ibn Batuta, Marco Polo, Abul Fida, and many others have described in their travelogues about the charm of Kannur. This route is home to several heritage sites, unscathed beaches and islands, the majestic Ezhimala hill range and stretches of protected mangroves. There is a lot of best things to do in North Kerala offered by Tyndis Kannur Tour.

Things to do in North Kerala

Believed to be a place where Pandavas stayed for a while during their exile, this place gets mentioned in Brahmanda Purana. There are several ancient temples and structures here that reflect the Chera architecture. If interested, our Tyndis Storytellers can retell the folklores and stories that have been passed on from generation to generation. You have a chance here to go on a village tour to see traditional bronze craftsmen at work. 

3. Canannore Synopsis, Kannur Heritage Walk

In this Kannur Tour, our Tyndis storyteller takes you on a nostalgic path, beginning with a visit to the Arakkal Museum. The museum was an erstwhile palace of the only Muslim royal family in the state. This reflects the religious harmony that was prevalent in those times.

Things to do in North Kerala

Visiting the heritage tourist places in Kannur is one of the top things to do in North Kerala. In this Kannur Tour, Ayikkara fish market and the haggling scene at the harbour is worth an experience. One can only imagine how this major port in the spice trade route was in ancient times. The land where the St. Angelo Fort (Kannur Fort) stands today is built on the land gifted by the then Kolathiri king. The walls of this fort have borne witness to the many kingdoms who have fought battles to siege it and make it their capital. The colonial monuments in this place mirror both the Portuguese and British architectural style.

4. On Malabar trail, Kozhikode Tour

Though Calicut had a global historical prominence from ages immemorial, there has been immense changeovers in the city. Watch ‘Stories of Malabar’ by Tyndis to know more about Calicut history and heritage. Today the city is been tagged as a land of sculptures.

Heritage and History has a lot connected with North Kerala, especially, Calicut! Tyndis Kozhikode Tour takes tourists to the unexplored parts of this town where the British Colonial Settlements first happened. Feel the pulse of a bygone era as you see the iconic monuments along the route on which once the British marched.

Things to do in North Kerala

The art of Uru (boat) making in Beypore dates back to Mesopotamian times. Till date urus are being manufactured and exported to Arab nations. On this trip, we can go to one of the yards to see this art in the process. Beypore Uru Making Yard visit is one of the top things to do in North Kerala.

5. Life at the harbour hamlet in Nileshwar, Kasaragod Tour

The seat of Nileshwar Rajahs, this town is rich in its cultural heritage, architectural masterpieces and tranquil surrounding. It is in this town, the annual temple festival culminates with much fanfare. Explore the life in beautiful fishermen villages of Nileshwar in this Kasaragod Tour with our local storytellers. Fishermen Village Experience in Nileshwar is one of the key things to do in North Kerala.

Things to do in North Kerala

To feel the contrast, we take our guests to the palace, major temples and then to the market streets and fishermen’ villages. 

6. Drive-in to experience Thalassery-Mahe belt, Kannur Tour

The Dutch, the British, Portuguese, Chinese, Arab and the Jewish have all had trade relations with Thalassery. Later, the British annexed this town and set its district judicial court here.  The British influence is quite evident in the local culture.

In this Kannur Tour, explore fascinating things to do in North Kerala. Go on to visit the place where the first bakery in the state was put up, the place where the game of cricket was first played in the country and where the circus culture takes its roots. The cuisine in this town is a blend of various nations too.  Did you know the longest drive-in beach in Asia is here in Muzhappilangad? You can drive your car for nearly 4-5 km on the beach or walk to a private island across during the low tide.

Things to do in North Kerala

To experience the pristine beauty in this part of the state, one should visit Mahe the small beach town, which was once part of French India. Learn about the deep-rooted influence of the French culture in Mahe as you stroll on the walkways along with your Tyndis storyteller. The stories take you on a reverse journey to the colonial period in Thalassery and Mahe.

7. Experience Theyyam & Kalari with North Kerala Tour

Theyyam is a ritualistic folk dance displaying myths and legends of the land. As the performance happens in a temple surrounding, the locals feel it is a divine dance, a form of worship to appease God, while others feel the dancer embodies the redeemers of Kolathiri Raja who was attacked by the Vijayanagar Empire.

Explore the best of Theyyam Dance with Tyndis Theyyam Tours in North Kerala. Experiencing Theyyam is one of the best things to do in North Kerala. There are over 434+ varieties of Theyyakkolams like Pottan TheyyamKathivanoor VeeranKshethrapalakan, etc.

Things to do in North Kerala

Did you know Kalirippayattu, the ancient fighting form from North Kerala has been the inspiration behind the modern martial art? It is quite an interesting experience to see a live performance of Theyyam and a demo of Kalarippayattu. If you are in Malabar, never forget to get a glimpse of Kalaripayattu performance. It is one of the most exciting things to do in North Kerala.

Now that you know what the long-forgotten Port of Tyndis has on offer for its present travellers, make a holiday plan to North Kerala and take back home enriching experiences and stories of the golden age during the spice trade. Never miss out any of those exciting things to do in North Kerala.

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