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By Mariya
Mar 03, 2021
5 Beach Workation Destinations near Bangalore
Best beaches near to Bangalore

Won’t sipping a coffee in pleasant weather and setting up your desk be a perfect way to start the day? Indeed that is Workation all about. Checkout as we bring about the list of best Workation Destinations near Bangalore. Pack your bags and experience the fun! Tyndis Workations set a perfect balance between your work and leisure. While we’ve settled down to a massive change in our routine of staying home, working for long hours and isolating in every way possible, we essentially need to make a change in scenery while hitting our daily target at work.


The Business Analyst at JP Morgan, Neha went on a Workation to our property at Wayanad. While she planned on a week-long stay, she was able to meet all her deadlines and also enjoy every beautiful aspect of her holiday. Neha also said that she became even more productive during those days. More enquiries are ticking our enquiry boxes as the interest of Workation Destinations near Bangalore are rising high.

1. Gokarna


Gokarna, a beach town not quite far away from Bangalore (485 km) is an excellent choice as your Workation destination near Bangalore. For anyone who loves adventure and water sports, get ready to be thrilled even while you’re at your Workation. The most exciting ones are the banana boat rides at the Om Beach and the boat rides at the Paradise Beach to see the dolphins swimming. While enjoying the water sports you can also spend time in the shacks with delicious food and music. Camping at the beach during a Workation is a perfect idea to take a break from the regular activities.


Gokarna, also known as a temple town, has beautifully built temples like Mahabaleshwar. The beach also holds an estuary with Mangrove Forests, Wetland birds and more of not so easily seen species. To every traveller Gokarna, always remains as one of the go to beaches on a budget option in India. Add Gokarna among your must visit Workation Destinations near Bangalore.



2. Varkala


Varkala is always a coastal town that tops the list of beaches to be visited in South India. Being within a good range from Bangalore (680 km), this cliff side beach is one great choice to escape the crowd in Goa. It is booming as a Workation Destinations near Bangalore. A Workation at Varkala in Kerala becomes magical with its presence of great offbeat places to be visited, its authentic sea food that is being served and this place also offers horse riding, boat riding and adventure sports like paragliding, parasailing. You could also click few amazing shots for your Instagram handle.


A visit to the Janardhana Swamy temple, believed to be built 2000 years ago lets you witness the religious and cultural factors that still gain people’s attention. Apart from being historically important places like Anchuthengu Fort, the Lighthouse becomes worth visiting because of its beautiful surrounding location too. If you plan to visit Kerala, then Varkala suits to be the best beach Workation Destinations near Bangalore in Kerala.



3. Alleppey


Alleppey in Kerala, almost 590 km away from Bangalore holds the pride of never failing to mesmerise anyone who visits the Venice of the East. Being one among the Workation Destinations near Bangalore. a workation at this place becomes memorable by a houseboat cruise in the backwaters of Alleppey. What can be more relaxing during a Workation than an uninterrupted view of a picturesque city, from these houseboats. The modern house boats being a reworked version of the traditional Kettuvallams are equipped with all requirements necessary for a perfect Workation.


The city is well known for its serene beaches, silent backwaters and a myriad list of activities like Kayaking, swimming at Pozhiyoram beach and bird watching. A visit to the 18th century Krishnapuram Palace, Ambalapuzha temple and the light house with a museum is a must while being on a Workation at Alleppey. Kerala, also known as a synonym to Ayurveda, offers the best for its visitors and invites them to experience rejuvenating massage therapies and treatments.



4. Goa


Goa, popularly known as the party destination in India falls within a circle of 570 km from Bangalore. Beach destinations in India is incomplete without Goa in the list. It is one of the top Workation Destinations near Bangalore.


A land covered by sandy beaches but also by forests is one good destination for your Workation. Its colonial history is visible everywhere we go within Goa, from the existing forts like Aguada to the magnificently built churches like Bom Jesu Church, located in the Old church complex housing the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier and also the museums. One best activity to be done in Goa is watch the sunset by being on a cruise.


To make your days better while on a Workation, Goa offers you lip smacking continental food. If you always wanted to try doing adventure sports this is your perfect destination because you can enjoy paragliding, parasailing, surfing and also scuba diving. There are also highly adventurous activities like Quad biking and Jet skiing. Add Goa to your list of Workation Destinations near Bangalore if you are up for the fun!


5. Pondicherry


A beautiful land that still holds the legacy of French culture, has now adapted to this new concept of Workation. The streets of Pondicherry drenched in vibrant colours would be a true feast for everyone used to the Indian architecture. If you’re in doubt to find a place to enjoy water sports, Pondicherry can be the best of your Workation Destinations near Bangalore. Because you have a good number of options to choose like Kayaking, Canoeing and even Scuba diving.


Even though being a small town, Pondicherry houses a good number of churches like the Sacred Heart, Immaculate Conception cathedral where you can visit to witness the glorious design mostly built by French missionaries. Now, you got enough reasons to not miss out on Pondicherry from your list of Workation Destinations near Bangalore

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Getaways from the routine lifestyle has to be the best, so why not choose the best? Workation in a coastal town is a good idea because it’s always good to sleep by the sea and beautiful to watch the waves crash the shore. While this Workation entirely depends on the traveller and the place chosen, we at Tyndis make sure that every destination becomes a perfect paradise for the explorer in you! Get in touch with us for more details about the best workation destinations near Bangalore or any city in India!

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