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By Deepa Thomas
Feb 20, 2020
Solo Trip in Kerala for Women – Travel Tips for Kerala
Solo Women Kerala Tour

Planning for a Solo Female Trip? Then check out these tips from me for a Solo Trip in Kerala for Women. Kerala is safe to travel for all kinds of travellers – be it men, women, transgenders, foreigners or whoever. However, as any tourist place in the world, you would like to stick to certain travel tips for Kerala as well.

It is for a reason that year on year Kerala is ranked as the best state in India for its law and order. It is extremely safe to roam around the state as people are literate, friendly to tourists, and the government is taking active measures to promote tourism and safety of tourists, especially women and children by deploying pink patrol cars in public places. Here are a few Travel Tips for Kerala from Tyndis for a safe Solo Woman Tour in Kerala.

So why should men have all the fun? Definitely, women can travel alone and discover places in our own perspective too. Having said that take it as a thumb rule, do not venture out to deserted places and meander late in the night. If you are not a seasoned solo traveller, then Get in Touch with Tyndis. As a local experiential tour operator, we have women storytellers who can take you to lesser-known spots, share with you the stories behind the place and guide you on where to stay and eat or arrange for cabs with trained drivers.  Here are some major tips for a solo trip in Kerala for Women to ensure your trip is a smooth one.

1. Choose a well-rated accommodation

Before you plan your Solo female travel in Kerala to any place, research well about the destination so you don’t look lost when you land in a new place. When travelling alone, never compromise on your hotel choice. Always stay at a good, popular hotel. Get in Touch with us if you want a list of best-budget stays in Kerala.

For a solo trip in Kerala for women, a well-rated homestay is yet another option of accommodation. It is great to interact with the host to understand the local culture, taste homely food or learn a new recipe that you just relished.

Solo Women Kerala Tour

2. Travel Light

While you should pack what you need like a medical kit, a power bank, and other necessities, don’t make your bag too heavy during your solo woman tour in Kerala. This is not just for any solo female tour in Kerala, but this travel tips for Kerala applies to just about any Kerala tour. Unwanted luggage may ruin your joy of travelling in case you wish to take any public transport. Avoid carrying valuables. Don’t let the heavy load of your backpack ruin your Kerala Solo Female Trip!

3. Beware of swindlers

Keep a distance from commission earners who typically hover around tourists. This is one of the major travel tips for Kerala. Make sure you don’t end up spending on unwanted things or fall into the traps of swindlers. Nobody can fool you unless you allow them to. So, keep your awareness sharp!

4. Keep in touch

Solo trip in Kerala for women can be exciting and engaging oftentimes. Don’t forget to share your travel details with your family and always keep your mobile phone charged. It is great to befriend fellow travellers or locals if you find them on the same wavelength. You learn so much interacting with people and even make new friends for life. Make your Solo Woman Tour in Kerala memorable with a few good moments with your family as well!

Solo Women Kerala Tour

5. Keep with the norms of local culture

Of all the travel tips for Kerala during your solo trip in Kerala for women, this one is the most important. Women in beachwear are not culturally accepted largely in public beaches in Kerala, except for the one in Varkala and Kovalam.

So when you head to the beach, wear vest tops and shorts. Dress modestly when you go sightseeing especially in smaller towns. Indian clothes, long skirt, breezy pants with tops would work well. Smoking and drinking within the hotel or in pubs in Kochi and Thiruvanthapuram is fine, but not everywhere. So, make sure to stick to such guidelines while planning about a solo trip in Kerala for women.

How can Tyndis help you?

When you are heading for a solo woman tour in Kerala, expenses will shoot up. Keeping this factor in mind, at Tyndis we have special packages for a solo trip in Kerala for women. In such solo female tour in Kerala, solo female travellers with similar interests will be clubbed together with an English speaking guide cum storyteller for Kerala Heritage ToursKerala Village Tours, etc. We can recommend hotels and homestays with services favouring women travellers.

Solo Women Kerala Tour

While you have to be cautious of your surroundings, do not be conscious of travelling alone. Just relax, take it easy and enjoy your trip!

If you plan to make a solo female tour in Kerala, fill in this Enquiry Form and we will get back to you with a special solo trip in Kerala for women that’s tailor-made as per your specifications. 

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