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By Sujith Narayanan
Jun 18, 2019
Best things to do in Kannur | Heritage Walk in Kannur | Kannur Tourism
Kannur Heritage Walk Tour

Kannur Tourism showcases the memoirs of culture, heritage, struggles and nationalist movements to this date! Kannur, otherwise called Canannore is the land of Theyyam and Handlooms. 

Heritage Walk in Kannur by Tyndis 

Heritage walk in Kannur begins from the Arakkal Museum, the palace of Arackal Dynasty, the only Muslim Royal Family in Kerala. They are marked as the icons of religious harmony in Malabar. Arakkal Museum is one of the best heritage museums of Kannur Tourism.

Heritage walk in Kannur also covers the bustling fish markets and harbours of Kannur – a major centre of the spice trade in the ancient maritime world. Visit the marvellous St. Angelo Kannur Fort that bears witness to a million stories of Kannur. Kannur Fort visit is one of the top things to do in Kannur.Trace the architecture of the Portuguese and British in the Colonial monuments. With our eminent storytellers, heritage walk in Kannur best resembles the soul of Kannur Tourism in one go.

Kannur Heritage Walk Tour

Arakkal Museum in Kannur

The uniqueness of Kannur Tourism

The enchanting city of Kannur is never a city like the Cochin or the Trivandrum. Bearing the cap of being a city, Kannur still embraces its heritage and local stories of the bygone era along the streets and markets.

The Urbanity hasn’t engulfed the soul of the place as it had in many other places. This can be explored while experiencing village tours or street tours with Kannur Tourism. This local essence of Kannur Tourism offers a lot of experiential things to do in Kannur. 

The coastal belt near the Kannur city has had great significance in the Spice Route in Malabar. Kannur is mentioned as a great emporium of spice trade by the world-renowned explorer Marco Polo. Even today, when you travel with Kannur Tourism, you can take back a few of those precious Kerala spices, as a travel souvenir of your heritage walk in Kannur. 

Kannur Heritage Walk Tour

The Trade Gateway – Mappila Bay in Ayikkara in the present-day Kannur

A town caressed in the lap of nature, in the North tip of the Gods Own Country, Kannur is a place sprinkled with immense beauty. The place is a casket for sightseeing options like beaches in Kannur, monuments like Kannur Fort, ancient temples and amazing picnic spots like  Kannur drive-in beach. There are also many exciting things to do in Kannur like the Heritage walk in Kannur, KayakingTheyyam tour, etc.

Bearing the history of vibrant culture and distinctive local art forms unique to the land, Kannur also has the face of a bygone colonial era. On the circuit in and around the heritage towns of Kannur, one can find the deep footprints of the Dutch, the Portuguese, the British and the Mysore Sultanate still visible in lives of the people and the very settlements.

Kannur Heritage Walk Tour

An old Cannon at the Kannur Fort (St. Angelo Fort)

Kannur Tourism is blessed with mastery of weaving and cultivation of cashew which is perhaps connected with the Colonialisation of the town by the Portuguese. In the season of November to May, the temple shrines and sacred groves of Kannur get filled with the miraculous divine dance of Theyyam, the incarnation of the divine as dancing gods. Theyyam dance is the main attractions of Kannur Tourism. It is often listed as the must things to do in Kannur. 

In the tourist map of post-Independent India, Kerala’s Northern Coast including Kannur Tourism places and the neighbouring destinations is a far less explored place than the Southern belt of Kerala. These days, the style of Kannur Tourism has changed more than just a namesake Kannur sightseeing tour. With the opening of Kannur Internationa Airport, Kannur Tourism is booming. 

In the Northern Part of coastal Kerala, especially Kannur – one can still manage to find beautiful beaches in Kannur that are undeveloped beaches and not succumbing to commercialisation. There are also attractions like the Kannur drive-in beach.

Under the Kolathiri Rajas, Kannur (formerly Canannore) was a major port bristling with international trade – justifying this is the statement of Marco Polo, who christened it as the ‘great emporium of spice trade’. Since the time of Marco Polo, the colonial forces like the Portuguese, Dutch and British have had their chances in influencing the precious land of Malabar including Kannur to make it their strongholds. The Kannur Fort is the iconic reminder of this!

Kannur Heritage Walk Tour

A glimpse from the Arackal Trail

Through the ages, even amidst much of exploration and invasion, Kannur has managed to stick to its roots even while the inbound cultures have seeped into the veins of the region. The cultures of TheyyamKalaripayattuPoorakkaliTemple Rituals, and Handloom etc. are still prominent parts of the Culture and Heritage of the town together with the inbound cultures. Together, both the channels of culture makes Kannur a vibrant element of Malabar. Kannur Tourism also features the experience of its renowned weaving industry and cashew trade.

Experience Arakkal Trail in Kannur

Stop searching for the ‘things to do in Kannur’. Arakkal Trail Heritage Walk in Kannur portrays the historic and heritage points of Kannur Tourism. A storyteller hailing from Kannur, an expert in the stories and history of Kannur will accompany the tourists all along the walk. The trail moves along the historic monuments, heritage sites and the present-day market places and cultural centres of Kannur Tourism. Tourists can also visit beaches in Kannur like Payyambalam.

Book your Kannur Tourism Package and discover the list top things to do in Kannur. Get in Touch with us and explore the stories of Kannur!

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