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By Naveen Mathew
Dec 17, 2018
A day with Divakarettan: Best things to do near Nileshwar Hermitage!
Things to do near Neeleshwar Hermitage

Looking for the best things to do near Nileshwar Hermitage? Then the Nileshwar Village Tour at Kadinhimoola is your perfect choice. Tyndis Nileshwar Village Tour is one of the engaging things to do near Nileshwar Hermitage. Tyndis Nileshwar Tours include top tourist places in Nileshwar like ThaikadappuramAzhithala, etc.

ake Temple and more. 

Nileshwar Village Tour in Kasaragod

Kadinhimoola is a quaint fishermen village in Nileshwar. Mr Divakaran or dearly called as Divakarettan is a renowned Agriculturalist Scientist in the Kadinhimoola village of Nileshwar. Divakarettan at his 60’s now has great knowledge about the biodiversity of Kerala. Tyndis organizes an experiential Nileshwar Village Tour at Divakaran’s village where guests can experience local village activities. It is one of the best things to do near Nileshwar Hermitage Resort

Divakaran is highly educated about the medicinal plants in the Azhithala region of Kasaragod. These are plants common to most of the region of Malabar. He has set up a medicinal garden in the premises of his house and is very keen about spreading information about the medicinal plants and their use. He associates with Tyndis as a storyteller in the Nileshwar Village Tour.  All Nileshwar Tours by Tyndis is accompanied by a local storyteller.

Things to do near Neeleshwar Hermitage

Divakaran during Tyndis Nileshwar Village Tour

Divakaran is also a key figure in promoting the conservation activities of Mangrove and Mangrove Eco-systems in the Malabar region. He has planted a various sapling in the due course of his life. He has associated with various renowned Environmentalists and Volunteers in implementing the campaigns throughout the state and bring awareness among the people in conserving the forests. Divakaran is an active participant in Tyndis Responsible Tourism Initiatives in Kerala.

The Mangrove sessions organized for visitors often explain to them about the role of Mangrove in the ecosystem of Kerala and elsewhere. The session also provides the visitors with an insight about the activities and campaigns held by the Mangrove Conservation Committees which operate regionally in conserving the Mangrove Forests. Such experiences are one of the highlights of Nileshwar Village Tour. Mangrove forests are becoming one of the top tourist places in Nileshwar with a boom in eco-tourism.

Things to do near Neeleshwar Hermitage

Demonstration of traditional coir making in Nileshwar Village Tour

Awards and Recognitions received by Divakaran

Divakaran is very much interested in educating the young and old generation equally and has led many classes organized by various governmental and non-governmental organizations including the Central University of Kerala.

Honouring his efforts and initiatives, the government and agricultural department has felicitated him various times. He is also given the title of ‘Agriculturist Scientist’ by the governmental organisations.

Further, Divakaran is a skilled Toddy Tapper who scales around 20 coconut trees twice a day. He is at his 60’s now and has a credit of doing the job for about 30 years for now.

At dawn, he scales the trees again and l pours out the toddy to his collection pot. The sap is extracted and collected by a tapper. Typically the sap is collected from the cut flower of the palm tree. A container is fastened to the flower stump to collect the sap. The white liquid that initially collects tends to be very sweet and non-alcoholic before it is fermented.

Divakaran is one of the first people to devise methods to separate the alcoholic contents from the Toddy and serve it as the Neera. This is proven to have various major medicinal use and certain people regard it as of equal medicinal benefits as the breast milk.

Things to do near Neeleshwar Hermitage

Things to do near Nileshwar Hermitage – Toddy Tapping Experience

There are various efforts put forward to preserve the teachings and findings of Divakaran for the new generations to study and research.

Things to do near Nileshwar Hermitage 

Tyndis Nileshwar Village Tour showcases an exclusive day for the travellers to spend with Divakaran and experience the knowledge and thoughts about eco-friendly tourism he imparts! It is one of the top things to do near Nileshwar Hermitage and other resorts in Nileshwar.

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