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By Sidharth Babu
Mar 30, 2020
A day with Cheruvayal Raman: The best experience of Wayanad Tourism
Day with Farmer Wayanad Tour

Wayanad Tourism: Village Experiences in Kerala

Tyndis Wayanad Tourism packages offer some of the best Wayanad Village Tour. Tyndis offers best Wayanad tour that features ‘a day with farmer in Kerala‘. Read this blog to know more about Tyndis Wayanad Village Tour.

Cheruvayal is a serene village situated near Mananthavady in Wayanad. The village is caressed by the Kabani River. Cheruvayal is today famous in the name of Cheruvayal Raman, a farmer from the village. Cheruvayal is not just a beautiful village but is gifted with hardworking farmers and skilled artisans. Visiting Cheruvayal is one of the best Wayanad Tour features by Wayanad Tourism.

The village features long stretches of lush green paddy fields. To understand the life of a native farmer; Ayush, Sohan and I (Ayush is a videographer, Sohal – a translator and I was the interviewer) representing Tyndis Heritage decided to visit Cheruvayal Raman’s 150-year-old farmhouse in Wayanad. We had the Wayanad Village Tour named ‘a day with farmer in Kerala‘, featured by Wayanad Tourism. It is one of the best Responsible Tourism initiatives in Wayanad.

Cheruvayal Raman: The Nature’s Friend

When we reached Cheruvaya Raman’s home, he was engaged in his daily chores. Seeing us, he took a break from all the work and greeted us with a pleasant smile. He led us inside his farmhouse. A day with farmer in Kerala is a complete farmhouse Wayanad Tourism Village Tour. It is regarded to be the best Wayanad Tour for experiential travel under Wayanad Tourism.

A Cheruvayal Raman’s farm, we saw dry fodder for the cattle that stood tall as it was heaped into a conical shape. To save water, a trail was designed for dispersing water to all the plants. This method of watering also ensures that the soil receives less pressure reducing the chances of a mudslide. We walked past his farm towards his home.

Interviewing Cheruvayal Raman at his village in Wayanad
Interviewing Cheruvayal Raman at his village in Wayanad

The walkway in front of the house was made of cow dung-coated mud floors. The floor coated with cow dung and mud has several benefits.  Cow dung acts as a natural insect repellant. The anti-bacterial property in it prevents us from many diseases and the floor remains warm in winters and cold in summers.

His family welcomed us in with great pleasure. We were overwhelmed with joy just by the thought that we were standing in a 150-year-old home, a house built in those times when the British were foot marching on our soil. The architecture of the mud house with bronze roofing was quite popular in those times. In the same compound, there was another house (slightly smaller) for his daughter and family.

Guardian of Paddy in Wayanad

Bang opposite his house was the cowshed and the storehouse for stocking timber to use for firewood.  It is here that he stores the seeds too. Over the years, Raman has developed over 50 varieties of paddy in Wayanad. He preserves the seeds in special shelters and gives it to villagers nearby. The seeds are stored in a pine-like structure made of cattle fodder and soil. There were about six of them put together. Raman showed us the token of recognition that he received from various associations for his contribution to farming. 

After showing us his farm and house he took us to the green paddy fields where a variety of them are growing strong swaying with the wind. Finally, we sat together in his home and he began describing his family background. He belonged to the ‘Kurichiya Tribe’, a prominent tribe in the Wayanad district. The tribe takes pride in preserving their ethnicity as they were successors of ‘Thalackal Chanthu’, the tribe leader who led the guerilla warfare against the British alongside Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja. They were a tribe known for their expertise in weaponry and archery.

Walking through the beautiful paddy fields in Cheruvayal with Mr. Raman
Walking through the beautiful paddy fields in Cheruvayal with Mr. Raman

In this Wayanad Tourism Village Experience, we spent more than 3 hours talking with Cheruvayal Raman. He enjoyed sharing his experiences with us as much as we enjoyed listening to him. Thereafter, we had lunch together – a typical lunch had by the farming community of watery rice gruel, tapioca and spicy pickle.

Finally, as we bid him goodbye, Raman was smiling with a sense of gratitude for hearing him out and for recognizing his efforts. He hopes his story may inspire younger people to take up farming as a serious profession and respect their job. Without a doubt, ‘a day with farmer in Kerala‘ Wayanad Tourism Village Tour is one of the best avenues to people looking for Wayanad Tourism Experiences. Check out a similar experience of ‘a day with farmer in Kerala‘ in Kasaragod.

Booking Wayanad Tourism Packages

On your trip to the Malabar, if you wish to spend a day in Cheruvayal Raman’s farm, Get in Touch with Tyndis Tours, a promoter of sustainable tourism under Wayanad Tourism Packages.

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