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By Sujith Narayanan
Apr 11, 2020
Top Seven Travel Movies of all time
Best Travel Movies in Netflix

Before getting into the list of our pick of travel movies, here’s why you should be watching Travel Movies or Road Trip Movies. To live a happy life and travel to far off unique places is what all of us wish for. Each one of us will have bucket list places to visit and things to do. We work hard and save a good fortune to make those dreams turn into reality.

But sometimes, we get too busy with life and forget those deep and long yearning travel desires. Without travelling, as somebody rightly said, you are only reading the first page of the book called ‘life’. And there is no better trigger for travelling than to watch inspiring travel movies. So, here’s a pick of Seven Inspirational Travel Movies by Tyndis. These travel movies could get you back to planning that dream journey of yours.

These travel movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime are the right choice to fuel the wanderlust inside you.

So read on, and as it is said – lets Netflix and chill. And in the end, don’t forget to plan for your dream travel beyond unique escapes!

1. Before Sunrise

This 1995 movie directed by Richard Linklater has Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy starring in the lead roles. Before Sunrise is more than a travel movie – it portrays the short relationships that all of us build during our travels. These relationships might be friendships, soulful connections or even love at first sight! Before Sunrise is the first instalment of the ‘Before…’ Trilogy.

The movie portrays the story of Jesse (Ethan Hawke), a young man and a beautiful woman, Celine (Julie Delpy) he meets on his train journey on the last day of his Europe trip. Jesse, unfortunately, has only one last night to spend with the Celine. This one night covers the entire stretch of this travel movie, with intense and emotional moments of love unfolding.

This movie is one of those few movies that plots the parallel emotions of travel – just like the short term relationships! Isn’t it true that, during your travel, when you are with someone special, each day and night often feel longer? And for that matter, one night, like the one featured in Before Sunrise can feel like a lifetime… An entire life lived right before the sunrise! Watch this classic Travel Movie on Netflix if you are interested to explore the deeper emotions that travelling could bring along.


2. Forrest Gump

“Run Forrest…Run” is a dialogue from the Oscar-winning movie Forrest Gump directed by Rober Zemeckis.  The dialogue, and for that matter most other dialogues from the movie has a deeper meaning. For this one is connected with the unending encouragement that Forrest got from his childhood friend, Jenny.

Tom Hanks plays Forrest, a boy with low IQ, who believes in miracles. Forrest ran and got rid of his leg braces…and he kept running to do unbelievable things. Despite all the shortcomings, the movies portray the life of Forrest to be an eventful and extraordinary one. The movie won the most number of Oscar Awards at the 67th Academy Awards – including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, etc.

To feature the eventful life of Forrest, Robert Zemeckis has brilliantly made use of his travel around the world. In his travel, Forrest does extraordinary stuff and meets extraordinary people. He keeps on reminding the audience what his mom told him – “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” This is one great metaphor of life. And in life, what is there better than ‘Travel’ that could reveal the real self. Forrest Gump simply plots that circumstances don’t make the man, it reveals him to himself.

Watch this Oscar-winning Classic Travel Movie on Netflix and get inspired by the eventful life of Forrest!


3. Into the Wild

Into the Wild is a 2007 biographical movie based on the book ‘Into the wild’ by Jon Krakauer. It portrays the adventurous life of Christopher McCandless. Sean Penn, the director carefully plots the movie to capture the emotions, conflicts and internal fights that Christopher has to go through. Emile Hirsch plays Chris McCandless with ease. Into the wild is the journey as Chris plans for a journey, far from the madding crowd of the city. He is tired of the material life – rat race in life, the fight between his parents, college, job and all of that regular things! It’s his dream to get rid of all those things and embrace the wilderness. Into the wild has a good score for a Road Trip Movie.

Hence, soon after his college graduation, he sets out for a life in the wilderness – in Alaska. Chris travels like nobody – with no baggage of his degree or whereabouts to carry. He meets new people and experiencing new adventures!  The story records the emotional highs and lows that Chris experience whilst his journey. Into the wild, as one could read from the description is about the adventurous journey one guy makes to the wilderness of America. But, essentially, ‘Into the wild’ is more about the deeper meanings of travel. It unravels that travel is not about the baggage we carry with us or what we plan to see in the journey, but it is about what we bear inside our minds. It is about our feelings!

Experience the adventurous life of Chris McCandless on Netflix (it is one of the best-rated travel movies on Netflix) and travel into the wild!


4. Seven Years in Tibet

Seven Years in Tibet directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud is yet another movie that involves deeper meanings of travel. This 1997 biographical movie features the life of German mountaineer Heinrich Harrer and the seven years he spent in Tibet from 1944 to 1951, amidst World War II. Harrer was a good friend of the Dalai Lama. The movie stars Brad Pitt in the role of Heinrich Harrer. There is interesting accounts of Tibetan culture, the friendship of Harrer and the Dalai Lama, and much more.

The movie travels from the landscapes of Tibet to the foothills of the Himalayas in India during its course. It essentially plots the region through the eyes of Harrer, an Austrian man. One can experience the intense thoughts connected with travel and life through the friendly discussion between the Dalai Lama and Harrer in this travel movie.

Click here and enjoy watching Seven Years in Tibet Travel Movie on Netflix.


5. The Bucket List

When you think life is about to end, I bet you, there is much to explore and experience! This is exactly what ‘The Bucket List’ is all about. This 2007 film directed by Rob Reiner features Jack Nicholson (Edward Cole) and Morgan Freeman (Carter Chambers) in the lead roles. Edward is a corporate billionaire who has a pretty chilled attitude towards life. He meets with Carter, a mechanic at the hospital room.

Edward and Carter were two cancer patients living in a bad stage of the disease. While Carter is moody and waiting for his last breath, Edward motivates him to cheer up and fulfil the pending wishes in his bucket list! The two patients hence break out of the hospital and set out to live the pending days of their life to the fullest.

With contrast personalities, lifestyles, social and financial backgrounds, the only thing common in the two protagonists was their desire to fulfil their dream before they die. The movie beautifully portrays the emotion of each human being where they wish to experience or accomplish certain long-yearning dreams before they finally kick the bucket.

It is this emotion that takes on Edward and Carter, two ill-men lying in some cancer hospital to fulfil the dream of their lives. ‘The Bucket List’ travels with these two men, who don’t have major similarities, who travel around the world and create extraordinary memories for a life-time. Friendship and understanding between the two thicken as they travel around to cross off the items of their checklist.

Watch The Bucket List and get inspired to fulfil that long-postponed dream of yours!


6. The Darjeeling Limited

The Darjeeling Limited is about the topsy-turvy and yet deeply emotional relational between three brothers. This 2007 film directed by Wes Anderson features Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, and Jason Schwartzman as the three brothers.

The film portrays the eventful and intriguing story of the brothers, who arrive in India for an exciting and suspenseful journey. It is one year after their father’s death that they happened to have arrived in India. Peter (Adrien Brody), Francis (Owen Wilson) and Jack (Jason Schwartzman) through the endless link of unprecedented events happen to travel through the heartland of India by train. In this extraordinary and eventful journey, the three brothers find themselves closer.

The Darjeeling Limited wraps the whole story with the covering of humour. Even when the brothers are struggling to cope up with each other, the audience has a lot to laugh from it. Finally, it is the idea of learning to find meaning in what we have that Wen Anderson tries to focus on. The three brothers, who initially resisted the idea of travelling through India, found it difficult to cope up with the situation. Once they joined the flow and accepted things as they were, things get much lighter and they find it easy to live! This is exactly how life is for each of us.

So, get along and watch this fun-filled Road Trip Movie called The Darjeeling Limited online. Who knows…, you might just want to pack your bags and roam through India after this.


7. The Motorcycle Diaries

The Motorcycle Diaries is an enticing tale of youthfulness. It is one of those tales that changed the idea of travel throughout the world.

Walter Salles, the director this 2004 movies aesthetically narrated the extraordinary journey of Ernesto Che Guevara and his friend Alberto Granado through the vastness of Latin America. It is the beginning of the story of how a young man named ‘Ernesto’ in Argentina went on to become the greatest revolutionary named ‘Che Guevara’.

The Motorcycle Diaries is clear with what it says – it certainly discusses the passion for travel. But more than that, it discusses the reality that each travel unravels before our eyes. The reality of poverty and inequality that prevails in society.   It doesn’t matter if you do agree with the politics of the movie or not, you definitely will be able to grasp the depth of the reality that is visualized before your eyes.

One cannot miss out this incredible movie when you are discussing inspiring travel movies. It is these journeys that inspired Che Guevara to embark on his revolution. The Motorcycle Diaries follows the dream journey of Ernesto and Alberto, two medical students from Argentina. The two started this incredible journey, in 1952 from Buenos Aires in Argentina, on Ernesto’s motorbike – ‘La Poderosa’ and hence it’s called the motorcycle diaries.

This travel movie gets narrated through the eyes of Ernesto, as the entries in his diary. It unveils the complex and rich human and social equations that exist in Latin America. Even if you have nothing to with international politics or history, this movie could just be that inspiring movie for you to kick-start your motorbike and go for a long ride, through the unexplored roads ahead of you!

Watch The Motorcycle Diaries online and inspire the wanderlust inside you.


I hope these travel movies become a good feast for the movie buff inside you! For those who have already watched these movies, do let us know the movies you would wish to add to this list in the comments. And don’t forget to get inspired and plan for your travel with Tyndis Tours. We have everything that is needed to satisfy and moreover, excite the travel bug inside you!

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