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By Deepa Thomas
Dec 01, 2019
Best Curated Digital Detox Tours | Screen-Free Tours in India
Digital Detox Tour India

Nature is beautiful! Our ancestors have learnt so much from observing animals and plants closely. Tyndis Digital Detox Tours take you back to nature, rebonding that connection which is vital for a healthy life.

Did you know that every few months snakes shed their skin to free itself from parasites, birds replace their worn-out feathers with new ones to be in top flying condition, and insects cast off their outer cuticle to produce better functioning ones? This is exactly the principle behind Tyndis Digital Detox Tours – to shed off the weariness of the digital life.

Digital Detox Tour India

We can take a cue from nature and renew our energies by going on a vacation. Vacations are as important as good food and exercise. But if you are infected by the plague of digital overuse, then you don’t completely feel relaxed after your holiday. That is when self-isolation tours and digital deaddiction tours in India by Tyndis come into play. These Digital Detox Tours are meant to revive your mind, body and soul.

Addiction to smartphones, laptops, video games and social media is adversely affecting the quality of relationships shared between people, causing problems like insomnia, depression, anxiety, lower satisfaction with life, decreased productivity at work and marital dissatisfaction.

If you have decided to take time off to go on a family vacation then rather than getting glued to your digital devices, spend quality time to build relationships. To address this concern, Tyndis has designed special self-isolation tours, digital de-addiction tours in India and screen-free tours in India for your holiday program.

Digital Detox Tour India

Through screen-free tours in India, we are not propagating to completely cut out from digital devices but it is important to maintain a certain level of distraction from social media, at least for a few days to have a balanced state of body and mind. Digital Detox Tours are proving to be vital in this measure.

Purpose of Digital Detox Tours:

  • Be mindful of the amount of time that is being spent on a digital device
  • Shift the focus away from constant notifications, likes and infinite scrolling
  • Make a conscious lifestyle choice to reduce time using technology or social media
  • Get back to work with a creative and clear mind

Today as work deadlines take priority, you miss out on bonding opportunities within the family. For all those who have worked as an excuse for not parting with their smartphones, we give half an hour a day to use the phones in our program.

We cannot deny the fact that we are working in a hypercompetitive environment and there is a constant fear of getting laid off. But studies say there is no evidence to show that people who are promoted took no vacations. On the contrary, people who rise fast usually have balanced lives. So just authorize your teammate and take a break in the real sense from all your work and digital devices. This is the idea of Tyndis self-isolation tours or screen-free tours in India.

Digital Detox Tour India

There may be many among us who might be thinking of retirement as a time for vacations, having pets or planting trees. But seeing the kind of stress people are undergoing, it is to doubt how many of us will be healthy enough to fulfil our dreams after retirement. Hence, don’t take a chance – try out your dose of Digital Detox Tours.

What’s Tyndis Digital De-addiction Program?

In Tyndis Digital de-addiction tours in India, we encourage you to take a 3-21 days program as per your convenience. To begin with, we will have a one to one conversation with you to understand your interest and hobbies. Then we curate highly personalized Digital Detox Tours for you in Kerala.

Digital Detox Tour India

In short, Digital Detox Tours let you to be mindful of the real world around you, listen and speak to the people present with you, spend quality time with them, do activities that interest you and delight in having simple farm-fresh food. 

What to expect from Tyndis Digital Detox Tours?

  • Experience a homestay and interact with your host 
  • Relish the taste of fresh organic Kerala food
  • Engage in few fun activities as per your interest


Reconnect with nature by choosing to plant a tree, taking bath in local pond, cooking with granny, milking a cow, living a day like a farmer, taking a Kerala Village Tour, listening to the stories told by our community storyteller, visiting an old age home or an orphanage, learning yoga, taking an Ayurvedic massage, doing meditation, take on an adventure activity and much more.

Digital Detox Tour India

By the end of this Digital Detox Tours, we ensure you will realize the best insights and creative ideas to solve the daily challenges come from your subconscious mind when you keep aside the digital devices and go back to nature.

So, plan for digital detox tours by Tyndis as an enjoyable way to invest in your good health and return back fresh to be more productive at work.

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