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Tyndis Mahe French Colonial Tour

Book the best experience of Mahe Tourism. The Tyndis Mahe French Colonial Tour is a perfect blend of history, culture, and heritage. Mahe French Colonial Tour is one of its kind. This tour explains the French Culture of Mahe through stories!

First of all, visit the main Mahe tourist places. The tour covers the iconic monuments of the place. It unfolds the legends of the once French Colonial capital.

There are many old mansions, churches, and walkways. These are the landmark Mahe tourist places. Even more, experience the lively streets of Mahe. Above all, interact with the local people. Certainly, this means the best of all cultural immersions in the tour!

Mahe French Colonial Tour is a journey that brings back the days of French colonial Mahe. Tyndis storyteller carefully places the untold stories of the colonial memories of the French Colonial Mahe. Learn about the deep-rooted influence of the French culture in Mahe. Meet the French Citizens and French-speaking people of Mahe. Create a whole new idea of Mahe and Mahe Tourism.

Walk along the beautiful walkways, feeling the breeze of the Arabian Sea, with lots of unheard stories of the place poured in by our passionate storyteller. The Mahe French Colonial Tour is one of the best heritage tours of India. One can well use this tour to learn about the French roots of Mahe and nearby places. At the same time, it is also an exciting Mahe sightseeing tour. The tour covers all the must-visit Mahe tourist places.


  • Storyteller Service
  • Drinking Water
  • Entrance Fees
  • 3 hours Sightseeing Tour

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Mahe is located in between Thalassery and Calicut. It is part of the Union Territory of Puducherry (Pondicherry). It is easaily accessible from both Kannur and Calicut. Kannur Airport is the nearest Airport.

Yes, Mahe is well-connected with the major hotels. Mahe also have decent hotels. Villa De 1945 is the only luxury property in Mahe.

This tour is a storyteller heritage walk. It has a core idea of stories related to the French Colonial Heritage of Mahe. Anyone interested in this will definitely enjoy the tour. However, the tour covers all the major sightseeing attractions of Mahe as well. This activity requires a moderate amount of physical strain as it includes walking trails. It can be enjoyed by people of ages between 10 to 60 with no serious medical issues.

The main attractions of Mahe are the St. Teresa's Shrine, Mahe Walkway, Mahe Harbour, Marina Statue, etc. Mahe comes under the Mahe Tourism department and is looked after by the Puduchery UT.

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