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Tyndis Calicut Mangrove Tour

Looking for an eco-tour in Calicut? Check-out this unique Calicut Mangrove Tour with a storyteller. The Tyndis Calicut Mangrove Tour is a perfect blend of travel and nature. It is one of its kind tour under Mangrove Tourism in India. This Kerala Tourism experience portrays the culture and biodiversity of Calicut through stories! First of all, the Calicut Mangrove tour takes the tourist along the spectacular stretch of Mangroves in Kadalundi. It unfolds the abundant Mangrove or Kandal forest in Kerala. Mangrove Forests of Kerala have adds to the states natural beauty. Further, in the Calicut Mangrove tour, visit the coconut islands and fish farms. Coconut islands are a landmark of Kerala Tourism. Even more, experience the wide variety of birds in the marshlands near the lush green mangroves. Above all, interact with the local people. Certainly, this means the best of all cultural immersions!

The Calicut Mangrove tour offers the tourists an unmatchable experience of cruising along the tranquil waters of the River near to the sea mouth. The storytellers explain about the role of Mangrove in the ecosystem of Kerala and elsewhere. Guests will be taken along the River rich with the Mangrove Forests on a local puddling boat called the ‘Thoni/ Vallam’. 

Kerala Tourism portrays an abundant scope of Mangrove Tourism in India. This Mangrove tour by Tyndis is one of the finest Mangrove experiences in India. This Mangrove tour is included among the experiences of Tyndis Kerala Tour Packages for family. Mangrove tour is definitely an unwatchable experience for your Kerala Holidays!

Volunteers and Storytellers from the Kandal Projects who have dedicated their lives to conserve the magical forests of Mangrove will accompany the tourists and impart the stories and movements that happened in the region to conserve and protect Mangroves. There are volunteers who have dedicated over the past 20 years of their life in Mangrove Conservation. As per their availability, the volunteers shall interact with the guest and also discuss the biodiversity and importance of Mangroves in the Eco-system.


  • Storyteller Service
  • Drinking Water
  • Entrance Fees
  • 2 hours Mangrove Tour

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This is one of the most exciting Mangrove Tourism in India. Tourists are taken through the Kadalundi river to experience the Mangrove forests. Tourists can experience the cruise on manual puddling boats. Tyndis storytellers explain about the stories of Mangrove Forests Kerala and their importance. The mangroves have a rich biodiversity.

Yes, the Mangrove forests have unique biodiversity. This particular destination in Calicut also has a good collection of Migratory and local birds. Hence, the place is an ideal spot for amateur and expert birdwatchers.

Yes. However this activity requires a moderate amount of physical strain as it includes canoeing trails. It can be enjoyed by people of ages between 10 to 60 with no serious medical isues.

No, it doesn’t require any prior knowledge.

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