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Tyndis Workation Learn New Skill

Why work alone when a workation can be more than that? Tyndis curates the best workation experiences with elements that make it no less than an adventure. Let the comforts of our workation friendly stays take care of your office hours and the kickass workation to-do list of activities and skills to learn quench your never-ending thirst to do more and be more! 

Tyndis Workation packages offer high-speed internet with wifi connectivity, homely food, work-friendly space and most importantly the exciting array of skills you can master. So, why not break up Netflix by acquiring a new skill? 

Checkout this list of exciting and engaging sets of skills that you can indulge yourself in while on a Tyndis workation.

1. Surfing Sessions at Varkala

Ever been to a beach and found yourself curiously staring at the surfers having fun with the waves? Enough of being a mere spectator! Tyndis workation brings you the exciting 7-days’ Surfing Course at the laid back beach of Varkala in Kerala. It will only be a matter of time before you go from being a know-nothing person to a good-enough newbie surfer who glides with the waves on the board.

In this 7-days’ Surfing course, you get to spend no less than 90 mins everyday with our certified surf instructors who will explain, demonstrate, and guide you throughout your surfing course with constant constructive feedback. Learn the basics of surfing and embrace the seas. Learn how to catch unbroken waves, cutting across them consistently, stalling, and accelerating with control.The Surfing lessons would be awful in the beginning when you get to taste the saltiness of the sea. But soon, you’d start enjoying it as the best part of your workation. 

Details of the workation with Surfing Course:

Explore the serene beaches of Varkala with stays designed for workation featuring splendid hosts and laidback sea-view private rooms, high-speed internet (WiFi), power backup, delicious food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and the surfing experience. 

Getting ready to Surf:

Surfing is a physical activity. Eat light as you arrive for Surfing.
Surfing is best when you dress up in Shorts, Leggings and Tight T-shirts.
Surf Instructors will help you with mobile phone photographs of your surfing moments. 
Surfing included in the course if of basic to intermediate difficulty. Majority of travellers in proper health conditions can attend this activity. 


2. Go Fishing in Goa

Fishing is both fun and an adventure! Fishing for many is a source of livelihood but it is much more than that. There are studies that associate fishing with many complex aspects of being human – stress relief, social bonding, mental and physical health, recreation, challenge and thrill! 

Tyndis Workation in Goa is all the more fun and refreshing with the all exciting Fishing activity. Fishing is not about the success of the catch you get. Even on your worst day, when you catch no fish at all, a day out in the sea makes you feel better than the time spent on the land fighting the mundane tasks says hardcore hobby fishermen. For most part, it is a fact that the pleasure of fishing lies in the activity itself! 


Tyndis Workation comes with a 3 Days’ fishing activity with no less than 2 hours’ spend in the experience on a daily basis. In this workation, you share recreational fishing adventures with experienced fishermen of Goa. Goa by geographical and cultural reasons is a land of fishermen. 

Get to interact with pro recreational fishermen who have decades of experience and know the nook and corner of the region with detailed understanding of local fishing spots, behaviours of different kinds of fishes and which season bring them to Goan coasts. 

Fishing is something that demands measures of safety and patience as the sea is gonna test you in all the best possible ways. Tyndis workation fishing experience ensures the best safety standards both in terms of equipment and the instructor onboard. 

Details about the Fishing Experience with Tyndis Workation:

Explore the best of Goan feats with this exclusive fishing experience from Tyndis Workation. This workation comes bundled with a laidback stay with amazing guests. You get access to high speed internet (Wifi), power backup, great food and at the mesmerising Goan beaches to make this workation memorable.

Get ready, let’s Go Fishing:

Fishing sessions are divided into 3 parts – Beginner’s session where you’ll learn all the basics about fishing. Followed by the Intermediate session that dives deeper into how angling works with artificial baits. Finally, once the intermediate level is passed, comes the advanced boat fishing trip. 
Various Fishing Techniques will be explained. 
Advanced boat fishing ensures all safety standards. 
Detailed stories about the Goan coast and fishing in general from experienced instructors onboard. 


3. Pottery Experience at Mysore and Thrissur

Why not get your hands dirty doing something creative as you hit the workation button? Pottery is one amongst the oldest skills that humankind possesses – a skill of technique and creativity. Tyndis workation features the best avenue to learn and master the craft of pottery as you stay funtastic on your workation vibe. 

Pottery Experience from Tyndis workation comes as a 5-days’ workshop course that fulfils the aesthetic appreciation as well as the basics of the craft. Pottery is both a rewarding and engaging experience – you learn something really cool but get to enjoy the childhood fun of building the mud cakes! It’s always fun playing with clay, isn’t it? 

This pottery course with Tyndis workation can be experienced at either Mysore or Thrissur studios during your workation. Participating guests get to spend 2 hours daily’ for 5 days’ with guidance of an experienced pottery instructor. 

This workshop will introduce the basic skills of working with clay on the ‘potter’s wheel’ and ‘hand crafting’ with pottery.  We will provide you with the understanding of what it takes to use the potter’s wheel. Learn right from the basics of pottery wheel manoeuvring, trimming clay pieces and centring the pottery. As you finish the 5-days’ pottery workshop as part of the workation, you shall find yourself skilled enough to make small clay pots. 

Details of the workation with Pottery Course:

Find yourself in a laidback workation spot at Mysore or Thrissur, catering to your office work at peak hours and attending the skill sessions as you are free after the closing or opening hours. Tyndis’ Workation with pottery course comes with a comfy private Room, high-speed internet (WiFi), power backup,friendly host , great food and all the excitement you need! 

Get ready to craft the clay:

Basic Pottery workshop for 5 days split into five daily 2 hour sessions.
All material and firing charges included. 
Participants can take home one product from their collection.
Kids Above 8 years- Daily 2 Hour session . 
All tools, aprons, buckets and clay are provided .
Options for further pottery with intermediate courses (charges on extra)


4. Paragliding in Bir

As human beings, we always have the urge to look up at the sky and wish we had wings to fly. But as it is, we don’t have wings – so we invented ‘paragliding!’.

Paragliding is an adventure and hobby sport where-in the players fly in the air using paragliders. These paragliders are light in weight and are foot launched. Tyndis Workation in Bir features one of the best options of Paragliding in India. 


The experience of gliding in the sky with the majestic Himalayas is an experience that you get nowhere else in the world! Get yourselves engaged in a week long Paragliding course in Bir with professional instructors to teach you the basics of paragliding techniques. The 7 Days’ course provides daily 2 hour lessons that covers many things including an introduction to flight techniques and emergency landing techniques on paragliders. 

Paragliding experience covered in this Tyndis workation is slightly above the basic level and would require some adventure element inside you to go for it. However, it is still just an entry level course in paragliding covering the basic flight physics and introduction to the paragliders, other equipment and gears used in gliding. In this workation experience, you get to quench the thirst of the adventure enthusiast inside you as you glide through the sky, at a thrilling 8000+ feets high, having a bird’s eye view of the beautiful himalayan village beneath you. 

Details of the Tyndis Workation with Paragliding Course:

Laid back workation stay in a private room in Bir with a view of the majestic mountains and beautiful valleys. Amazing hosts take care of you at the stay equipped with high-speed WiFi, power backup, and delicious mountain cuisines.

Get ready to fly high:

Learn the basics of Paragliding, flight techniques and physics of flight.
Basic handling and emergency management will be taught.
Lessons on how to install and control the wing on the ground and have the first solo (short duration) and soaring flight (long duration) experiences.
Exciting photographs of your flight on paragliders. 


5. Herping in Munnar

Herping is the fancy name for the activity of searching for rare reptiles and amphibians to observe or photograph them. The curiosity and engagement in herping is on rise in Kerala, especially in Munnar. The Herping experience from Tyndis Workation is as much an adventure as hiking and snorkelling if you are someone who loves to explore the wilderness and natural habitats. 

When you book a Tyndis Staycation in Munnar, you are exposed to the trending arena of Herping with the best practitioners in the state. Herping today is one among the most loved wildlife friendly activities after birdwatching. Herping or sighting of frogs, snakes, lizards and other reptiles has a set of rules and regulations of its own that ensures that the creatures are not disturbed in their habitat. 

Tyndis Workation with Herping Expeditions are best to be experienced during the monsoons when the habitats are lush green and brimming with life. Nature and Wildlife enthusiasts can book this experience with Tyndis Workation with a daily 2-3 hours’ herping expedition on an overall 5 days’ period. 

The herping expedition comes with a trained personal herping instructor who knows the nooks and corners of the region and is extremely experienced in spotting the creatures. Herping expeditions are likely to happen in dense plantations and along motorable roads close to the jungles. The activity happens between selected hours inside the endless cardamom estates and forest areas in Munnar.

Herping Activity as part of the workation package comes with a 2 to 3 hours walk through the shola forests brimming with wilderness, or the lush green tea and cardamom plantations. It is a delightful opportunity to peek into the habitat of amphibians and reptiles of the ghats. Consider yourself extremely lucky if you are gifted with the sighting of nocturnal beings like jungle cats, leopard cats, owls, night jars and the porcupines..

Details of the Tyndis Workation with Herping expedition:

Stay in the cosy climate of Munnar in a private room on your workation. The staycation will include stays with amazing hosts and high-speed wifi, power backup, great food and the all exciting herping expedition.

Get ready to go Herping:

Herping expeditions for 5 days split into five daily 2-3 hour walks.
Monsoon is the preferred season. 
Experienced herping instructors included.


6. Turn into a Naturalist

In today’s world where all of us are stuck with the materialistic world, tied up with our electronic devices, being a Naturalist is quite a challenge! Tyndis Workation hits a perfect balance between being upto the mark with your work at the same time being a bit more connected towards the “Nature” around! 

In specific terms, someone who studies the impacts of living species on each other and the environments in which they live can be tagged as a Naturalist. One name that naturalists, both professional and amateur, idealises would be that of Charles Darwin – who is often referred to as one of the first of Naturalists. 

Naturalists make observations of the relationships between organisms and their environments, as well as how those relationships change over time. It is this element of being a naturalist that this Tyndis Workation highlights. 

Turn yourself into a full fledged amateur naturalist with this Tyndis Workation with a daily 2 hours’ involvement with expert naturalists and personal instructors, indulging with nature and wildlife in Wayanad or Munnar for a whole week. 

The programme is for you if you are keen about deepening your knowledge about jungles, its abundant wildlife and plants that coexist magically. Learn about the flora and fauna of forests of Kerala from experts in the field of wildlife and conservation which shall elevate you from that passionate wildlife enthusiast into nothing less than a professional naturalist.

This naturalist program from Tyndis workation is good to help you upgrade life skills and discipline or even cater a future as a professional field guide, or a wildlife tour leader.

Details of the Tyndis Workation with Naturalist programme:

Stay in a private room in Wayanad or Munnar on this Tyndis workation. The workation comes with an amazing stay featuring great hosts and internet with high-speedi, power backup, delicious food and 7-days’ Naturalist course.

Get ready to be a Naturalist:

Learn about Plants, Birds, Butterflies, Reptiles, Animal Tracking , Animal Behaviour, Conservation and First Aid tips during a forest trek as part of the course.
Natural Walks, Bird Watching, Herping, Basic Wildlife Photography, Trekking are included in the course.
Personal mentor or guide will be assigned. 


7. Become a skilful Horse Rider

Equestrianism is the fancy name for horseback riding. If you have ever imagined yourself riding a horse seeing historical movies like Troy? Horses have been the mode of transport of mankind for a long time. In earlier days, knowing how to ride a horse was both a requirement and a recreation. 

Today, automobiles have replaced horses and bullock carts. Still, the elegance and adrenaline rush of riding a horse. With this Tyndis Workation, get the wholesome experience of saddle horse riding with the best horse riding instructors to get your basics correct and keep you safe as you learn to ride. 

Horse Riding is a great exercise to develop better reflexes and a sense of balance and coordination, both physical and mental, as it demands the entire body to guide and propel the horse forward. It truly is hard work to begin with but horse riding will attract your excitement and enthusiasm in a very short time. 

Tyndis Workation has all it requires to make your moments on horseback look like scenes from a movie where the star rides off into the sunset. On horseback you will have the time of your life. 

Details about the Horse Riding Package:

Horse Riding inclusive workation package from Tyndis is designed for 14 days’ with 2 hours daily riding sessions. The workation will be set in Thrissur with perfect workation setup. Find yourself in the comfort of a private room with high speed internet (Wifi), power backup, great food and an amazing host to make the best out of the workation. 

Get Ready for the Ride:

In this package, you learn how to ride and effectively use the rider’s aids  to successfully navigate the horse & master your skills.
Practical Horse Management experience covering all the basics.
For beginners & experienced riders (both Adults, Teens, Children (6 years+))


8. Goan Scuba Diving Experience

A Goan experience is never complete without two things – the Goan sunsets and Scuba Diving in the Goan waters. Tyndis Goa Workation brings out the best options of Scuba Diving lessons in Goa. 

Scuba diving, for people who don’t know,  is a type of underwater diving that takes you to depths of the magical life under the surface of the seas. This activity lets us explore the hidden gems in the undersea world.  Breathing underwater is impossible for human beings even for small depths even for a short amount of time.  It is here that the artificial breathing aid supported methods of scuba diving assists us to explore the unexplored areas of the sea. 

Get on a 4 Days’ Scuba Diving course with 2 hours per day on your workation with Tyndis in Goa. The four days’ Scuba Diving course with Tyndis workation spreads into 5 theory modules,  5 pool modules, and 4 open water dives ensuring the best basic knowledge and experience of scuba diving for the participants.

Scuba Diving with Tyndis workation can be experienced with all necessary safety and support equipment of diving underwater with the guidance of a trained diving instructor. 

With Scuba Diving classes included in our workation, you get to cover the certification of PADI Open Water diving which is the most recognized rating for Scuba Divers globally. 

Details of the Tyndis Workation with Scuba Diving Course:

Stay in a private room in Goa near the beaches on this Tyndis Goan workation. The workation comes with great hosts. The stays are equipped with high-speed WiFi, power backup, and delicious food.

Get ready to Dive Underwater:

Learn the basics of Scuba Diving both in theory and practical lessons.
PADI Open Water Diving rating Scuba Diving Certification included.
Get lessons from highly skilled and certified Scuba Diving instructors.


9. Learn Ayurveda Couple Massage

 “Ayurveda” is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems that is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. 

Here is an all new experience for the rejuvenation seeking soul in you to experience the intricacies of Ayurveda body massage. Learn the secrets of the traditional wellbeing from the best possible ambassadors of Ayurveda in Kerala. 

Tyndis workation in Calicut features the Ayurveda couple or self massage training with a 10 Days’ course split into 10 sessions of 3-4 hour daily sessions. 

A daily regimen of the course involves waking up early, practising yogic exercises, meditation, undergoing Ayurvedic treatment lessons, having simple vegetarian food for meals with fresh fruit juices, and having a leisure walk on the beach in the evenings. 

Ayurveda recognizes that the mind is very powerful both in the causation and cure of diseases. Therefore the objective of Ayurveda treatment here is to maintain positive health and treat diseases. Hence, this workation Ayurveda course includes segments that are divided into Treatments and Relaxing Massage for the neck, backbone and eyes for about 15 hours,  Ayurveda couple or self massage training (15 hours), Training on Ayurvedic food with cooking demo for about 5 hours and a holistic 5-hours’ Yoga and Meditation training with practice.

This workation experience with Ayurveda add-on accounts for a total of 40-hours’ within 10 days’. Consultations with doctors, treatments and rejuvenation massages are part of this workation course. During the course, guests can also involve in other leisure and tourist activities and experiences near the stay like henna (mehndi) art, dental clinic visits, ayur beauty spa boutique, traditional Kerala houseboat cruise, Kerala temple visit, morning or evening beach walk, Thalassery and Mahe Heritage Walk with storyteller, authentic Theyyam experience, etc. 

Details of the Tyndis Workation with Ayurveda Massage Course:

Relaxing workation stay in a private room in Calicut. Amazing hosts take care of you at the stay equipped with high-speed WiFi, power backup, and delicious Kerala or other cuisines.

Get ready to be Rejuvenated:

Consultation with Doctors to know your prakriti, discussion to modify your lifestyle, rectify your physical and mental ailments 
Get Abhyanga massaging experience 
Ayurveda Massage Training for various integral parts of the body. 
Daily yoga and meditation training with practice.


Pick your goto workation option now

Excited reading about the different options for your next workation with kickass add-on skills to learn that will make the staycation memorable? We promise you will experience beautiful locations that nature offers in various forms, delicious food, great entertainment, wonderful accommodations and plenty of thrill and adventure in all of our above-listed workation packages. So look no further, Get in Touch with us and we will take you for the best workation package that ensures you have the best of time.

Special Note: All Tyndis Workations are applicable for Special Discounts for Group Bookings

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